500 Word Essay Help

What is a 500 word paper?

An essay or a 500 word paper is a type of written work, a statement of one’s thoughts and knowledge on a given topic. Most often it is a type of assignment at school or college, which teaches to state one’s thoughts and opinion, compose, think, dream. Besides it develops very important language skills as grammar, spelling, punctuation, morphology, etc. which are useful not only for students but for adults, to compose correct sentences, logically organize the ideas in mind, speak and write correctly and persuade the audience.

Things to Do at the 500 Word Essay Pre-Writing Stage

Before starting to write any easy, one should prepare: consider the subject, pinpoint the preliminary plan, the basic steps of thoughts expression at the paper.

The lack of one or more basic components in the article structure is considered wrong and plays a role when grading. The arrangement of the paper should be considered and clear. All the main concepts in the essay should be carefully explained by analyzing the texts of external sources.

Creating an Essay Outline

A piece of advice for beginner writers is to start with the outlining the central aims of an essay. It is a step-by-step plan of what are you planning to cover in your essay. Firstly, you should examine the problem carefully, read some trustworthy material on the topic, get acquainted with the opinions of reliable authors, think if your opinion on the topic differs or coincide with them. Such strategy helps to make your own paper fast and save up your time.

Creating an essay outline means drop it into parts, which you’ll cover while writing. All these parts may be a small passage or a several paragraphs. The most crucial is to join all the paragraphs with the main intention which is relevant to the initial subject of an essay. You may write short word combinations, questions for each point of a plan. Ones you have your plan, you can additionally prepare citations, basic statements which you’ll use, and after start following it and remember about the fundamental structure of an essay.

500 Word Essay Structure

The fundamental structure of an essay is:

  • introduction;
  • body or the main part;
  • conclusion.

Let’s move through these essential parts of an essay and see whether it is different from the 500 words essay or any other thesis or research paper.

The structure of a 500-word essay: key elements to include


Start with a compact passage, that is focused on the subject. Write comprehensive information on the problem that stands behind the suggested topic.

The introduction of an essay may include the following items:

  • a bright idiom, quote of a reliable author close to the essay topic.
  • the response to the question or a solution to a problem according to the essay subject
  • author’s opinion concerning the problem, mainly if the title of the topic contains a reference to the applicant’s opinion (i.e. “How do you understand the meaning …”)
  • an event from the author’s biography or description of the current period in the history
  • information on the author’s perception of terms, if they are related to the title of the topic (“theme of fate …”, “the image of a hero …”)

The BODY or the main part of an essay

It is a place where you should develop your thought, give arguments from the external sources on a given topic, compare several views on the problem. Use contrast as a stylistic tools to compare several opinions and represent yours to make a summary.

The main thing you surely should include to the essay body is a clear and accurate demonstration of your knowledge of the subject, the ability to express your comments logically, rationally and stylistically skillfully.

The body should prove that the writer of the essay clearly understands the topic and is able to formulate logical statements on the given topic.

There is one thing that you should avoid while designing the body, which is a retelling or coping the external sources or presentation of data not directly linked to the case.

CONCLUSION of the essay

The main task of the CONCLUSION part is to summarize what was already said, conclude the text, once again draw attention to the most important points of the essay.

The conclusion should resemble the following principles:

  • short, laconic but informatory;
  • organically linked with the previous statements.

Writing the conclusion, the author can also express his personal view of the problem, express his concerns about the question. It should be declared accurately, without extreme intense assessments, with a clearly defined meaning and correlated with the main body of the essay. Write your final paragraph in a clear manner, strictly appropriate to the topic.

500 Word Essay Length

There is a widespread opinion that the length of the text has a direct connection with the mark you’ll get for it. That is partially true, the longer your essay is the higher mark you’ll get. In order to keep to the point and not to bore your reader or teacher, just ask the examiner about the requirements. Remember, a watery text is hard to read, it is not interesting and it seems the writer goes around the same idea several times. So, avoid watery in your essay. Try to follow the general requirement and make your essay between 500 and 700 words.

If your task is to write an essay on some scientific topic, use the free recommendations of APA format. Find these requirements on the web.


How Long Should Be The 500 Word Essay?

it is obvious, the 500-word essay should be 500 words, it is approximately 3000 symbols.

How To Write A Successful 500 Word Essay?

Research the topic, write an outline, use idioms and persuasive statements, expository arguments and narrative speech style, avoid waterily. Make your text interesting and useful for the reader. Use catchy titles, idioms, reliable citations. Be honest even if your thoughts contradict to the general vision.

The Best College Essay Length: How Long Should It Be?

Requirements to the essay in the college are higher than in a primary or middle school, so its length should be relevant. Usually, it is more than 500 words. Your text should not exceed several pages.

How to Format a 500-Word Scholarship Essay?

Essay format is a requirement for the visual appearance of your essay.

The best way to format your essay properly is to include a title page, correct essay structure, letters capitalization, fitting citations, in-text citations. Here pay attention to the skill of making a hook for a paper, putting correct spaces, double spaced, type fonts.

How to compose a 500-word paper outline?

Split all the information you’ve collected on the topic into parts, according to the logic structure. Create a draft plan for your future essay. Include the problem description, problem argumentation and ways to solve, critics and your own opinion, summarize all mentioned above in the end.

A Few Guidelines On How To Write A 500-word Essay

Before starting typing your essay at the PC, it is better to prepare a handwritten draft, and ones having it retype it at PC. Besides, typing in Word will help you to avoid lots of spelling errors, and make the preliminary proofreading of your text. Ones the final sample of the essay is ready print it on A4 paper sheet.

500 Words Essay Example on “Appreciate every moment of life”

Human life is invaluable. For each one it is unique, unique, and, unfortunately, it is finite. This is an invaluable gift that a person receives from his birth. However, how he or she can manage this gift – it depends only on them.

People can spend their lives on various pleasures, in order to get as much as possible more pleasant impressions and pleasures. But in the very end, they will get only memories, which are a little consolation in old age. It is because our way of life already has tremendous value in itself; it is not necessary to waste it on something unimportant, including on its own merely pleasures. We must always value our lives, protect it and use it every day most productively.

Time passes, seconds per second we get older and do not think over what life is short. Man does not think that money for her – it’s just a way of normal existence, but not at all its meaning. Minor welds and a daily seat in front of a TV or a computer is a waste of money and not the appreciation of our own precious time given to us on Earth. Older people better understand all the colors of life, because they realize that they lived their lives.

It’s so important to appreciate every moment! Enjoy a cool early breeze, friendly conversations with friends, interesting books, caressing hugs of relatives. Every minute, every second is unique, and we must always remember that. This day will never return, it will not change and will not live anew. So, let’s appreciate every moment of our life so that you do not regret the missed years!